Why you should have a solar attic fan


solar attic fan

The attic fan is a fairly common feature in homes as they are a great way of maintaining the climate in your attic, and by extension, your entire house. Similar to insulation and proper windows, attic fans help regulate the temperature in your home but instead of keeping in warm air, it releases it. But why should you get a solar attic fan? Here’s three big reasons why:

1. They cool down your home

The main reason you want a solar attic fan is to cool down your home. The laws of physics dictates that heat rises, meaning that on a hot day, much of the heat in your home will rise to your attic, allowing all of the heat to stay in your home and radiate back down. But with an active attic fan, the hot air gets pushed out, allowing your home to ventilate itself. Heat also leads to moisture which can accumulate in your attic that can cause mold and mildew problems.

2. It saves you tons of money

Solar attic fans pay for themselves. It’s that simple. These solar powered fans harness the energy of the sun to run, saving you on your electric bill. This allows you to continuously run your solar attic fan while you are at work or running an errand, making it possible to come home to a cool and well ventilated home. Attic fans ease the strain on your air conditioner that already as to work so much harder during the summer.

3. They are easy to install

At first glance, installing a solar attic fan may seem complicated, but there is one thing you are probably missing: you don’t have to run electrically wires to it. Why? It powers itself! So you can cancel that electrician appointment and bring out the DIYer within you.

So stop wallowing away in the hot summer heat and get yourself a solar attic fan!

Written by Asher Briggs

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