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If you have a beautiful garden and furnished patio, then spending some time outside in the fresh air is a must on the lounging list. You can sit and play poker with friends or simply catch up with family over dinner. Now, how about adding some green quotient to this rejuvenating process by getting solar lights!

You may be thinking what’s wrong with the one’s I already have…. Well nothing really except they are constantly adding to your utility bills and are not eco-friendly. If that is not reason enough, then think about the times you have to miss that home run because you had to switch on the patio lights!

Solar outdoor lights are a savior here in more than one context-

  • They help you save electricity and lower your monthly bills (think of all those extra pizzas you can order from the money saved)
  • They are green, now you have something to boast about at the next neighborhood community meeting.
  • Are trendy and durable, along with being energy efficient. They switch off at dawn and switch on at dusk automatically to get some solar energy.

Solar patio lights

For instance, check out these solar patio lights from Cabela. These old-fashioned lights add to the rustic charm with a touch of modern technology. They light up your patio, porch or garden and have built-in solar panel charges and AA NiCad rechargeable battery. The yellow LED casts a soft glow against the exterior themed silhouettes and are crafted of hand-painted resin.

For your garden, you can opt for a rock grey finish solar LED outdoor spotlight that is made of durable polyresin. The rock-shaped solar light features three bright white LEDs that are powered by an attached solar panel while maintaining a natural look. It can be placed in the driveway or alongside the patio too.

The best part is that these two products can be used all year long. You can use them for outdoor parties during the warm season or when one is sitting around the bonfire during the colder season.

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