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split king adjustable bed, split king mattress

You don’t have to be sleep-deprived to realize the benefits of peaceful, undisturbed sleep. Senior citizens and people with medical problems have complications due to medication, back and posture problems, anxiety and depression problems and other environmental conditions. This can have a toll on their day-to-day activities and leave them feeling tired and unmotivated. But adjustable beds have proved to be a great benefit to many such people. Take a look at their many benefits:

Split king adjustable bed

Sometimes, when one partner has sleep problems and tosses and turns on the bed, the other person’s sleep patterns are also disturbed. Adjustable beds, especially a split king adjustable bed, allows you to sleep next to each other without disturbing the other.

The beds are individually adjustable at the touch of a button to allow you to elevate the bed at the head, chest and knee levels to provide relief. This ensures that you can change the position of your mattress alone to suit your back, hip, neck or shoulder without disturbing your partner.

The Prodigy Adjustable Base allows you to reposition your mattress any way you find comfortable. It has features like head and foot massage and snore feature to reposition a snoring partner. Both head and feet are adjustable and it can be operated with a two-way Wi-Fi remote control. The quiet operating system allows you to remember your favorite positions to give you quality sleep.

split king adjustable bedSplit king mattress

A split adjustable base allows you to place a standard memory foam mattress that offers superior support. The right support ensures alignment of the neck, spine and hips for greater sleeping comfort. A Tempur-Pedic mattress comes in 5” or 9” height to suit individual tastes. It is strong and durable and is available in a split version. It has a nail-free structure and luxurious microsuede covers that are highly durable.

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