How often you should change your baby’s bed sheets


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Preparing your home for the new born is intensive as well as necessary task for safe homecoming of your baby.  You need to complete all the necessary tasks such as putting hazardous materials out of reach, installing child locks, paint and furnish the nursery to make your home safe. Cleaning and keeping your home hygienic is very important.

When it comes to talking about baby hygiene, the first thing that comes to the mind is baby’s bedding. The reason for this is that your baby spends most of their time in their beds in their first few months. You could go for the finest of beddings but changing the sheets  as often as at-least two to three times a week is a must. Besides, whenever there is a mess, you need to attend to it immediately and off course make a change. Needless to say that a good quality bedding like Sumersault crib bedding set or Hereford baby bedding goes a long way in giving your child the necessary comfort, you must take care to get some extra sheets to be able to make frequent changes.  Necessary cleaning, washing and wiping will help you have a clean environment where your baby can rest in peace.

When it comes to talking about keeping clean with a baby, it is also important that you take precautions to keep all the other areas of your house clean as well. Some of the following tips will help you know what you need to do.

•    Newborn babies do not have fully formed immune systems because of which they are prone to health hazards. Make sure to remove all pet dander, dust, and allergens. Vacuum carpets and do a thorough dusting.
•    The primary home dust collectors are curtains and drapes. If possible remove them and give a thorough wash. In nursery, get blinds since they are easier to dust.
•    Disinfect all the surfaces especially where the tiny hands can reach with a non-toxic wipe or homemade cleaner for a 99.9% germ free zone.
•    Make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before cradling the baby. This holds more importance after sneezing, using the bathroom or preparing food.

The key is ‘Get and stay organized’. You’ll save yourself time and energy once you know the right management to keep clean while keeping the germs perpetually at a minimum.

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