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With the summer already underway I bet most of you have planned out how to spend your time. One of the most popular activities this year has been hiking out into the woods. Hiking and trekking are the most popular outdoor activities around. Before you head out on long hikes you do need to be prepared.

Physical preparation is extremely essential before heading out on a hike. It would be very tricky if you are unprepared and begin to cramp up during your hiking trip. Before heading out on a hiking trip you would need to keep your leg muscles in proper shape. In addition to your leg muscles you will also need to keep your fitness levels up with some good cardio exercises. This will ensure your heart and lungs perform well during long hikes. Once you are prepared physically you would need to ensure you have the right gear for your outdoor trip.

Getting the right gear depends on what you are planning to do on your hiking trip. Whatever gear you decide you must ensure that you are comfortable carrying the weight across the distances you plan to hike. If you plan on hiking and camping overnight then carrying a survival kit would be a good idea. Most survival gear kits will include everything that you need or might need.

The Gerber Bear survival kit has everything you need for an overnight stay outdoors. This kit features a waterproof bag, multipurpose tool, fire starter, waterproof matches, fine edged knife, hand saw, fishing kit, sewing kit serrated knife, Phillips screwdriver, emergency cord, miniature light and many other things which will ensure you do not have a problem while travelling. This kit will ensure you are prepared for anything during your overnight outdoor hike.

Getting a bike rack mount would be a great idea in case you are planning on biking far away. This way you can carry your bike in your car to your destination and then ride your bike. The grabber mountaineer bike rack will keep your bike stable at the back of your vehicle. These bike racks attach to your vehicle via straps which makes them easy to install. They fit on most vehicles except for square backs vehicles like vans and station wagons.

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