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Tates sunscreen, sunx SPF 30 sunscreen


With summer season in full swing, the only way I prevent myself from getting a suntan is by using Tates sunscreen. Whether it is my face, arms, or other parts of my body my sunscreen is my best friend when it comes to protecting the skin from the harmful effects of the ultra violet rays.

In fact did you know a sunscreen is available in many forms including sprays, gels, oils, lotions and creams? No one type is better than the other; it is just a personal choice of which one a user likes. One must check the active and inactive ingredients of the sun block and make a decision based on that. I usually test a small area on my skin to make sure I am not sensitive to it before applying it everywhere.

The benefits of sunscreen are immense and here are some of the following:

  • Most importantly, it prevents the skin from the harmful rays of ultra violet rays which might lead your skin to blistering and burns.
  • Moreover, sunscreen prevents your skin from premature aging thereby preventing age spots and wrinkles.  On the other hand the sun block has a moisturizing effect on the body.
  • With Tates sunscreen I can spend more time outdoors without worrying of any negative effects.
  • With the help of a sunscreen, important proteins like keratin, elastin and collagen are retained, keeping the body firm and smooth.

In fact a very important tip of applying screen for girls I must share with you. You must apply sunscreen and wait for it to try before you apply any kind of make, especially liquid make up. Whether it is Tates or sunx SPF 30 sunscreen, this rule applies well!

Protect your skin before it is weathered and aged against time! Try it out and you will see the difference!

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