How to throw your own Olympics 2012 party


Once again, the summer Olympics are starting up and it couldn’t possibly be a more exciting time. London is highly anticipating and greatly looking forward to all the festivities that surround hosting the Olympics in their country. So what better way to celebrate London’s own excitement then by hosting your own party? The opening ceremony is upon us and we have all the things you need to make sure that you’re completely covered for any Olympic themed party you may throw. Keep reading and we’ll share with you what you need for this Olympian sized party.

A new English tradition: Quidditch during the torch lighting ceremony

We all know the back story of why the Olympics have been created, but we’ll give you some info on this year’s so you can have some great conversation starters. One of the fun tidbits of this year’s Olympics is the fun aspect of Quidditch that’s been incorporated into it. Quidditch, for those that don’t know, is a sport that was invented by J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series, and then adapted to work in the real world. It’s a highly intense sport, with people running, jumping and lots of physical activity. During the London torch lighting ceremony, there was the actual World Championship game of Quidditch that was being held at the same time. While we don’t know whether it will ever be considered an Olympic sport, it’s still a great homage to the English people.

Olympic decor

Now that you know a fun fact about the Olympics, it’s time to get your set-up ready. Pick up some adjustable TV trays so your guests can either sit back and enjoy their food while you’re all watching, or have it throughout your house. You can even have a 5 set, cover each with a different color from the Olympics logo and have the theme carried out that way.

Serving up English cuisine

Of course, we’re all going to want to be celebrating the fact that it’s London hosting the Olympics this year, so what better way to celebrate their culture then by eating some of their delicious fare? A great spread of items like fish and chips, bangers and mash and tea and crumpets will make the perfect food your guests can indulge in. Make sure that you carry on the theme throughout as well, getting pieces like the world flags to place on your tables, plus photos of previous Olympic athletes. You could even have some gold medals decorating your kitchen and living room.

The only way to watch the games

Unfortunately, we’re not all able to attend the actual event, so many of us are inclined to watch the ceremonies on our TV’s. Make sure you have some TV dressers to watch your games on because as much as the Super Bowl is aired on TV, so are the Olympics. We’ve even heard some people going out and purchasing new television sets for the event exclusively. It’s up to you whether you’d like to watch the games in HD glory but for now, making sure your guests are happy is the most important thing.

Well let us know how your party goes! We’d love to hear about your experiences with the Olympics. Let us know in the comments below and have fun watching the 2012 Summer Olympics!

Written by Jessamine Casia

Your Olympic party essentials

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