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unique soup bowls, Gibson plates and bowls

When it comes to dinnerware you may hear from people that they have an everyday set and a set of fine china. It is not uncommon for people to possess both. Fine china comes out on occasions and when you have guests whereas the “everyday” dinner ware is used on an everyday basis.

However there are several people who like to have different kinds of unique dinnerware sets. They like to serve their guests in a different manner. Whether it be unique soup bowls or a fancy set of cutlery, it should be different from the usual. My idea was to go for unique material composition where dinnerware is concerned.

While glass sets are ones that are precisely made of glass, you can get crystal clear or some colored glass too. You can get a mix of bowls, dishes and saucers in different colors and shapes for a funky look on the table. However the key is that each part of the set should complement each other very well.

Porcelain dinnerware sets are again a very popular type. It is made of a very high quality of clay and there are a plethora of designs that are concocted and baked in a high temperature. While they look extremely attractive and elegant they have a very useful and long service life too. What else would one want?

Have you every tried earthenware or stone ware? I had deeply contemplated it while buying my Gibson plates and bowls. Interesting color shades and different kind of designs can be found in earthen or stoneware dinnerware sets. They are very popularly known as ceramic sets and look fantastic for casual meals. We bought one set recently and use it for outdoor family meals such as outdoor grill barbecue on the patio or deck. It just gives an added appeal to meal time!


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