Building a happy turtle habitat


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Looking for a pet that does not bark or get into fights with other animals?  I love all types of pets, but turtles in particular are rather peaceful and easy to keep – no having to worry that they might sprint out the front door every time you forget to close it behind you.

If you want your turtle to live a healthy and prosperous life, you have to create a habitat in which he can thrive.  Fortunately, this is not very difficult to do.  Here are a few things that you need in order to get your pet turtle squared away for life:


The first thing you need is a water turtle tanks aquarium that is large enough for a baby turtle to grow and still be able to roam around freely.

A turtle certainly needs water in its tank, but it is equally important for it to have a dry patch to climb up and bask on.  The water level should be at the very least high enough so that the turtle can submerge itself completely.


Turtles need sunlight to create an ideal habitat for them.  The ideal temperature for a happy turtle is around 75 degrees, although this varies from species to species so find out what is best for the turtle you have.

Another good idea is to install some Marineland LED aquarium lights in your turtle’s tank so that he can bask in it at night.


It is important for a turtle to live in a clean environment.  For this reason, you should clean out its tank every five days or so.

Other than that, find out exactly what type of food your turtle eats and be sure to provide him with enough to keep him healthy and his energy up.  I’m certain you’ll find a turtle to be a rewarding pet to keep, one that comes with a lot less hassle than some other animals.

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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