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Have you decided to go to a race derby? Well, then you need to follow the tradition of wearing Kentucky derby hats. The fact is that there is huge number of them available in a variety of styles. And you can acquire them right from smaller boutiques to large department stores. Some celebrities even own an entire line of ladies derby hats.

Not only you will find a unique hat on nearly all the ladies, but also there will be several crazy hats on display as well. While celebrities would show off looking very fashionable in the finder flip up sunglasses, there would be others who would be feeling much proud in their home made hats that are typically designed to be crazy, large and loud.

The Different Styles of Ladies Derby Hats

One of the traditional and popular types is the old style worn with the poofy dress. Another popular hat is the one worn with little black or white dress. The black dress is worn typically with a black dress with a white ribbon and vice versa is followed with a white dress. This is the modern tradition followed for the dress and the hats for the derby.

You could also go for very expensive ladies dress hats that are made with real jewels or rhinestones. You will see a lot of fashion conscious updated women in the newer style of glitter and glam. This is an absolute cool look that fits perfectly for an event like horse racing.

Then there are those crazy hats that are home made. One of the hats that was nearly 5 feet wide is still of its own kinds. This was mechanical in which the horses went around the hat!

Choosing your style of Kentucky Derby Hat

There are hats in a variety of styles, and all you need to do is to figure out what suits your personality the most. Select the one that not only looks great but the one in which you feel most comfortable in, and enjoy the show.

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