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Any parent wants the best for their child. In fact the excitement levels are very high when one knows about parent hood. One of the first things on the shopping list includes a crib. What better than getting a high end crib since it is the safest place to make your baby sleep? It is a worthwhile investment!

The good news is that there is a sumptuous selection of elegant cribs on offering. Ranging from designer to traditional, modern to elegant cribs you can get it all. Not to forget the high end baby cribs tend to have very special finishes. Very recently I saw a white crib with a lovely texture on it. It looked outstanding. Apart from that you could get a round crib also apart from the usual shapes of the cribs. Fancy aint it?

I also found that higher end cribs use much more detailing and the materials used are of higher quality as well. On inspection I realized that there were heavy gauge mattress springs, heavy duty frames among others. In fact there were several convenient storage options too which would make a user’s life much easier.

Did you know that some of these cribs are known as luxury baby cribs too? In fact I came across a luxurious crib which was actually made in the shape of a carriage. Now, isn’t that interesting!

When nothing is too good for your child, you know that a high end crib would do you good. You can feast your eyes on each and every intricate detail and part of the crib. Unexpected colors, thoughtful designs and elaborate details define such a crib. To top it all why don’t you think of enhancing it further by rich crib bedding in fabrics like satin and taffeta with hand embroidery. It would look lovely!

Get the best and let the ornate details add the pizzazz to the nursery! Aren’t the lovely characteristics a charming way to show off your bundle of joy?

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