Subwoofers that will blow your roof off


12" pioneer 450w sub immp, 21 inch dj speakers

A good sound system is absolutely essential for an audio enthusiast. Getting the right components goes a long way improving your music listening experience. Subwoofers play an important role in playback of music. They are responsible for the thundering bass that some many crave.

Subwoofers also enhance your music and offer a much better output when compared to regular speakers. Most home theater systems and sound systems have them. Even car audio systems have them these days. These low frequency speakers (subwoofers) work perfectly well along with high frequency speakers to give you the best possible output to enhance your music listening experience. There are quite a few subwoofers available these days and getting one depends on the kind of output you want and the size of them room you plan to place it in.

When it comes to subwoofers for your car, getting component subwoofers would be ideal. This way you could chose the enclosures you want to get that amazing bass. The 12″ pioneer 450w sub IMMP is one of the best subwoofers around. These subwoofers are built for handling power. This subwoofer sounds perfect in small and sealed enclosures.

The output of 100 to 450 watts RMS and about 3500 watts of peak output will offer you that sound quality you’ve always craved for. This subwoofer features a unique air suspension system which delivers good output without any distortion. This is one of the most powerful and accurate (distortion free) 12 inch subwoofers you can get for your car.

If you are looking for large subwoofers for live events, large venues mobile DJs then the Cerwin Vega TS42 21 inch DJ speakers would be your best choice. This gigantic 21inc subwoofer will provide you with the deepest, loudest and the most thundering bass you will ever find. This large subwoofer features Cerwin-Vega’s latest folded horn technology. This system uses an efficient folded hyperbolic horn design which enhances and amplifies low frequencies and offers you crisp distortion free bass. These subwoofers also come with integrated wheels and an ergonomic handle for improved portability. So as you can see this 21 inch heavy duty subwoofer will most certainly get your party started.

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