Why subwoofers make all the difference


12" pioneer 450w sub immp, 21 inch dj speakers

Having a good speaker system makes a world of difference to your listening experience. Whether you are listening to your favorite music or watching a movie, a subwoofer will add that extra bit of quality and inject life into your media.

Subwoofers or low frequency speakers significantly improve the impact of the audio content you are playing. There is a common misconception that the only advantage of a subwoofer is its ability to produce that bass frequencies or just increase your maximum volume. One of the main benefits of a good subwoofer is its ability to reproduce the original ambience of the recording venue. The next most important thing it does is to liberate your satellite and midrange drivers from having to reproduce low frequencies. This significantly improves the performance of your satellite and midrange drivers (speaker cone).

There are basically two different types of subwoofers available, they are active ones and passive ones. Active subwoofers have a built in amplifier to power them whereas a passive subwoofer uses power from your amplifier to power them up. Active subwoofers are generally preferred when you are looking at home theater systems or if you want a powerful sound system in a large room. Passive subwoofers are generally adequate in case you have a small room or you are using them for your computer. The larger the subwoofer the better output it generates. Subwoofer cabinets can get quite large so getting one appropriate for your room is something you would have to consider as well.

Among the active subwoofers the 21 inch DJ speakers by Pyle Pro is one of the best ones you get. Their subwoofers are quite reasonably priced. If you are looking for much higher output then you should consider the 21inch Cerwin Vega active subwoofers. This subwoofer has a 1200 watt RMS output and a 2400 watt peak output which makes it quite loud.

If you are looking at a subwoofer for your car or SUV you wouldn’t need something this large and powerful. A 12 inch subwoofer like the 12″ pioneer 450w sub IMMP would be perfect. This subwoofer handles about 450 watts of RMS output and about 3500 watts of peak power which makes it quite good for your vehicle. So get yourself a subwoofer and experience the difference in sound quality.

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