How to stay cool when the goin’ gets hot


5 ton air conditioner, double drawer refrigerator freezer

Hot weather and a muggy climate can get awfully uncomfortable if you’re  not able to keep your home cool. Air conditioners and fans are modern age marvels that help us stay cool even when it’s sweltering outside. The trick lies in using them in such a way that we keep our homes cool and save energy. Let’s take a look at some ideas to stay cool:

5 ton air conditioner

Imagine being able to stay inside a refrigerator when the weather becomes impossibly hot. This is how an air conditioner works too. It pushes out hot indoor air and cools the interiors of our home. A 5 ton air conditioner like the Goodman central air conditioner is energy-efficient and environment friendly. The refrigerant is chlorine-free to help prevent damage to the ozone layer. It functions quietly to give excellent and efficient cooling comfort. It has a superior scroll compressor and compressor sound blanket to keep the whole house cool.

Ceiling fans

But with energy costs rising all the time, it’s a good idea to look at low-cost alternatives like cooling fans. Ceiling fans make your homes cooler and are inexpensive compared to air conditioners. They don’t use much energy and allow you raise thermostat settings. Even a slight movement can bring the temperature down considerably. Ceiling fans push the hot air outdoors by sucking up cool air from inside the room and blowing it out towards the ceiling.

5 ton air conditionerDouble drawer refrigerator freezer

The best way to cut down on the heat is to keep cool and hydrated by consuming adequate amounts of cold water and other liquids. They keep you energized and refreshed. A double drawer refrigerator freezer is indispensable during summers. A refrigerator like the Kenmore Elite with French door, bottom freezer offers superb storage to let you organize all your frozen foods neatly. Its spacious interiors have enough space to store all the liquids you need to keep cool.

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