Beautiful engagement rings to show your love


7 carat diamond ring, 3.5 carat diamond

There are tons of different cuts of diamonds like square, princess and round and any of these would be a great option for a guy who is looking to propose to his potential bride. However, you should pick something that suits the taste or style of the individual rather than simply going by trend.

  • Some girls love the classic solitaire that reflects elegance and panache. While others prefer the princess cut that is regal and yet contemporary.
  • Color of the diamond should also be considered because though most women don’t mind the usual white, there are some who prefer opting for bolder yellows, pinks or even blacks.
  • Also, another factor to keep in mind here is the budget. You will have to break the bank for sure, but let your spouse know that you can’t sell your house for that fist size diamond she adores.

Here are some beautiful ring options that you can pick to show your love-

1. 7 carat diamond ring

A 7 carat diamond ring would be a dream for most people, but if your budget permits, then your bride is surely a lucky one! However, what you can do here is opt for a combination of diamonds and stone to make the engagement ring appear bigger. Check out this 7.00 carat amethyst ring with .30 ct. diamonds in sterling silver.

The ring is graced with a deep purple glow of the 7.00 carat cushion-cut amethyst. The little diamonds around it add that sparkle and seal the bond of love.

2. 3.5 carat diamond

If you want to opt for a really impressive diamond size, then 2-3 carats usually suffice. Check out this citrine ring with 3/5 Carats of brown and white Diamonds In 14K gold. It makes a statement of style with a scintillating bold beauty. The ring features a stunning citrine center-stone bordered by a frame of icy-white diamonds and a second layer of rich champagne diamonds.

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