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There is so much a pre-schooler needs to learn. Whether it be alphabets or numbers, colors or sounds there are tons that is there on the agenda. That is why trying to make alphabets a real life and familiar activity would be a brilliant idea. What about having an alphabet baby crib bedding?

In fact you would be surprised as to the several ways that you can use to make your child well versed with alphabets. I was excited when last week I saw that were several alphabet decor items readily available at craft and hobby stores. Some of them were among the following:

  • One of the easiest ways to spruce the child’s room is by alphabet wall decals. Stamps, stencils in all shapes and sizes can be found easily. It is your choice if you want to place ABC’s in the middle of the wall or make an alphabet train
  • What about having the letter is placed attractively on different pieces of furniture? If you child is old enough you can organize a fun activity by having him or her paint on the furniture too!
  • An alphabet theme can be creatively used as a part of the floor décor too. You could get something from analphabet rug to giant foam mats for the room. Did you know that foam mats can be used an interesting puzzle too for the child?
  • Bedding for the child’s room can be easily found in any departmental store
  • A rather innovative way which I saw was using ABC’s as a part of window treatments. I used a colorful fabric paints with my children to turn plain curtains into an alphabet experience. My children had a great time along with becoming proficient with the alphabets

Use these lovely ideas to include a novelty factor in the learning curve of your child.

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