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angel wings knick knacks, American flag decor

Decorating your home is not always about laying the finest marbles or teak wood furniture. The final touches for the home décor often comes with smaller details like statement accessories, duvets for your bedding, zebra cushions that brighten up that plain couch. With a few details here and there, you can add that ‘wow’ factor, with minimal effort.

These unique items can be added to one’s home decor to give it the finishing touches, give the home some personality and reflect the home owner’s values. Here are a couple of them, which I personally adore:

1. Angel wings knick knacks

Home décor needs an elegant finish both indoors and outdoors. And often I prefer getting pieces, which are portable and flexible for both these purposes. I adore the angel wings knick knacks here that come in all shapes and sizes. These pieces are easy to install, are weather resistant and feature an attractive design.

The kneeling angel statue is like the guardian of your garden and adds a touch of quiet, classical style to any space in your backyard. It has been crafted from a mix of molded resin and crushed marble. The exquisitely detailed statuary doesn’t absorb water or crack in extreme temperatures.

2. American flag décor

I am a patriot and love to flaunt this feeling with my home décor. A ‘god bless America’ personalized flag wall plaque hangs on my front door. The heart-shaped design is truly one-of-a-kind creation. It is a hand-cut, fine-grained slate, which is a naturally weather-resistant stone and also washable. I really don’t want to restrict this piece to 4th of July, so it proudly decorates my gate.

A lot of people shy away from using decorative pieces that reflect their personalities by focusing more on functionality. I suggest you blend both and enjoy the beautiful difference in your home décor!

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