How to take your dog with you on your next camping trip


backseat dog hammock, car seat protectorSummer is not over yet and a lot of my adventurous family friends are talking about the road trips that they are planning to take.  The buzz about summer vacation possibilities is still going strong.

This does raise one issue, however, seeing as many of the folks doing the buzzing are pet owners: what does an adventurous family do with its beloved pet while on vacation?  Thanks to a wide range of new pet products, having a friend babysit your dog is no longer your only option.

One of the problems with taking your dog with you when you go camping is where to keep him.  You don’t want to leave him outside in the wilderness unattended.  You also may not want him sleeping in your tent, getting his hair and smell all over.

Luckily, some folks who, just like you, love to take their pets everywhere with them came up with a solution to your problem.   A backseat dog hammock like the Snoozer Backseat Dog Hammock makes the backseat of your car a comfortable spot for your dog to spend the night.

You can even go a step further and try the Motor Trend by PetEgo Dog Bag Pet Tent.  The cool thing about this tent is that you can even set it up in your car so that your dog can relax in it on the road as well as at your destination.

Another option for bringing your dog with you on a road trip is to put a car seat protector, such as the Petego PE-EBSPRS TN Rear Car Seat Pet Protector.  Not only does it make your car a comfortable place for your dog to sleep, but it also makes a night spent with a dog easy on your backseat.

Bringing the four-legged member of your family on the trip is going to make this summer that much better.

Written by Jasper Plankintosh

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