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Every woman I know loves to accessorize herself with fashionable ornaments. I am no different. It is a part of my everyday life. It is one of the best ways to adorn myself. Have you every tried on tropical jewelery? Well, I had not until my vacation last year toIndonesia. I found a whole lot of exquisite jewelry from there and have been sporting those only ever since. I am actually addicted to them.

Tropical jewelery is chic and has a sense of individualistic feel to it.  Ranging from handmade woodenpieces to shell pearls; beads to resin necklaces to silver jewels, the choices are amazing. In fact whatever be your style, necklaces, rings, pendants, earrings and bracelets you can get it all.

To add to my elaborate collection my mom picked up some Bahama jewelery as well for me on her vacation this summer too. TheBahamas inspired jewelery has immense amount of style and sophistication to it. Did you know that they specialize in all the gemstones whether it is Colombian emeralds, exquisite tanzanite jewelry, Australian opals, gold, and sterling silver? Interestingly they extend their field to woven clutches and a large range of hand crafted jewelry as well.

For ones who like it earthy and subtle can opt for conch shell and nickernut. It is like going to the source.   I was fascinated with the shell jewelery that my mom picked up for me.

Try these statement and beautiful pieces and look stunning as ever. I love to complete the look with the glamorous Ashford watches that are as sophisticated and luxurious like nothing else. The other day I was wearing a simple white top with a pair of jeans and accentuated with the Ashford watch and a chunky set of beads. I surely had heads turning in appreciation. Even the simplest of attires look dressy with these accessories and the watch. Try the look!

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