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white gold and amethyst earrings, majorica pearl watch

You can make the best of yourself and add to your looks with beautiful jewelry. Accessorizing with jewelry that suit you and add to your overall feminine appeal can only enhance and add to your looks. Always choose classic and elegant pieces that can withstand the test of time so that you can wear them for a long time. Take a look at some jewelry that is timeless and evergreen:

White gold and amethyst earrings

Amethyst with its distinctive deep purple, violet and pink hues is a valuable and beautiful stone. It’s always been considered a royal color with the most valuable amethyst being the deep purple stone with violet tinges. The stone was believed to symbolize sobriety and instill sharp intelligence making the wearer of the stone successful and victorious in business ventures and other pursuits.

When you want to indulge in gorgeous jewelry, take a look at the Frederic Sage Clip jelly bean amethyst and diamond drop earrings. The 18 karat yellow gold earrings have pave white diamond stations and look great when worn for evening and other formal occasions. Check out Pink Amethyst White Gold earrings are always in great demand for their soft color and subtle white gold finish.

white gold and amethyst earringsMajorica pearl watch

Pearls denote matchless elegance and have always been a favorite with celebrities. They’re referred to as “Queen of Gems” and are a symbol of purity, beauty, elegance and innocence. They’re unique because there are no two pearls that are alike. Apart from white, they’re available in different shapes and colors. Wearing pearls is said to stave off depression and emotional imbalances.

And like I said, they’re not all white pearls. Tahitian Pearl coin earrings in a natural Tahitian color are set in sterling silver and have clip-on backs. So you don’t need to have pierced ears to be able to wear them. They have clear, cubic zirconia pave detail on bale and the unique design is made in Spain.

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