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berry flavored protein powder, high protein powder

There’s a growing awareness about being fit, working out and eating the right foods to maintain a fit and toned body. Protein milk shakes and protein powders are highly popular as consuming them gives you the benefits and strength that accompany a protein diet without all those dreaded calories and fat. Take a look at some protein supplements that are doing the rounds:

Berry flavored protein powder

Protein powders like Vibrant Health’s Pure Green protein powder in a mixed berry flavor help build muscle tissue and other structures in the body. Green vegetable protein with amino acid ratio of human muscle is a balanced and complete protein that helps tone muscles. It converts protein into energy and helps maintain steady blood sugar levels. Green, berry protein powder supports growth and tissue repair and is gluten, diary and egg free.

Try Whey Protein berry flavored powder from Jarrow Berry. It’s a 100% natural protein concentrate of whey. This whey is derived from cows that are not treated with growth hormones. It is low in fat, carbohydrates and lactose, making it the ideal supplement for training athletes and others.

berry flavored protein powderHigh protein powder

High protein powder helps in building lean muscle mass to help give you a toned body. Super High Protein powder contains vitamins, enzymes and minerals along with naturally occurring amino acids. It’s sugar free and provides at least 35% of the day’s essential vitamins, B complex vitamins and rare minerals.

Another protein powder that that gives you a protein boost is Nutiva Organic Hemp protein powder Hi-Fiber. You can enjoy it by mixing it in with your daily smoothie. Hemp contains very high protein structure and is a Gold Standard of Plant Protein. It’s totally lactose, gluten and dairy free. It contains all essential amino acids required to build up your lean muscle mass without the fat building calories.

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