Best of the Web no. 74


It’s Thursday, which means you have reason enough to rejoice — after all, it’s almost the weekend! If you spend most of your waking hours on weekdays trapped behind a desk, a great way to recharge over the weekend is by doing something creative. If you need ideas for a project or creative outlet to try out, you’ll find plenty at this week’s batch of blogs we love. Some of our favorite ideas from these blogs include crocheting granny squares, painting dishes, capturing beautiful snapshots of nature, putting together a colorful quilt, or helping your children make self portraits.

No Monsters In My Bed

“I’m Darcy, a mother of three young children (6, 5, and 3 years old) who likes sleeping in, Alice Munro, cheap red wine, old rocking chairs, shoes without heels, mix tapes, balloons, the color grey, and discovering new things. On Tuesdays, I blog about things we make (sometimes crafts, sometimes food, sometimes I stretch the definition of “make”) and on Thursdays I blog about things we read (sometimes kids’ books, sometimes books for adults, sometimes random articles). The rest of the time I blog about places we go and things we do. Sometimes the blog is pretty random, just like me.” — Darcy


Corina’s Corner

“Corina’s Corner, my blog, is a place where I display my recent photos, crafts or thoughts. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new things, as well as photography, so my blog is a place where all of these combine. I share pictures on my blog of my work or adventures. I try to take meaningful pictures that tell a story, documenting my life in a visual way. ” — Corina


Louisiana Belle

“My blog is mostly photography-oriented. I love to be out in nature, getting as close as possible to my subjects, capturing all the things one can’t see with the naked eye. I have photographed everything from alligators to birds to insects, but birds are my first love. I adore photography and enjoy interacting with other bloggers, sharing information and ideas.” — Gail



“ is a glimpse into my studio and creative process. I am an artist who creates colorful works of art inspired by my obsession with interior design. Right now, I am loving patterns, patterns and more patterns!” — Kate


on the brightside…

“Hello! I am Sarah and I am a photographer and designer from Colorado!

on the brightside… is where I share my photos and designs, what inspires me and little pieces of my life! On my blog you will find everything from my favorite recipes to my faith and what I believe in. Also, I run an Etsy shop called The Brightside Studio, where I sell my photos and my knitted designs. I often have giveaways on my blog, featuring items from my shop! I love dark chocolate, playing tennis, being with my family and all things Jane Austen!!” — Sarah

For another project to get your creative juices flowing, try repurposing items you have around the house. Whether you choose to repurpose bassoon cases, an old milk jug, or a thrifted lampshade, have fun coming up with unique ways to make these items useful!

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  1. Nancy Says:

    I love Gail’s blog — she is such a talented photographer and your feature of her is much deserved. xo

  2. Maša Says:

    nice feature. these blogs are all wonderful!

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