Best of the Web no. 76


Click, browse, bookmark, repeat. We don’t claim to be psychics, but we have a feeling that this is what you’ll be doing in the near future! Today we have a treasure trove of fabulous blogs we can’t wait to share with you. If you love candid, honest stories or bits of humor and sarcasm, be sure to visit Cordelia, Sara, and Stacey – three ladies we admire for not being afraid to tell it like it is. If you have a penchant for keeping up with crafty and creative souls, hop on over to visit Jane, Maša, Amesh and Vanessa, whose amazing handiwork will undoubtedly inspire you to make something lovely too.


Moments of Exhilaration

“Moments of Exhilaration is a blog about the joys and struggles of motherhood. Sara has blogged about it all, from postpartum depression and the boredom of a stay-at-home mom to her daughter’s first words and how to handle it when a homeless person gives your toddler food. Sara is, above all, honest. She invites you to come join the ride and share the adventure!” — Sara


HEARTing Handmade

“As the name suggests, HEARTing Handmade is a handmade-loving blog. You don’t want to miss my weekly feature where I share my handpicked selection of crafty giveaways, DIY tutorials and other creative resources! But let me introduce myself first – I’m a culturology student and bookworm from Europe who came up with the crazy idea of starting a handmade business to escape from an unusual life situation. So my blog is, in its heart, a personal journey written to motivate myself and others with similar endeavours. I also believe in supporting local and small businesses, unique artists and a simple, eco-friendly lifestyle. — Maša


Lady Cordelia

“Lady Cordelia is a creative outlet for my experience of ‘urban motherhood.’ I am committed to sharing an honest, raw (and hopefully often funny) perspective on my little life. Who am I? A 40-year-old wife, mother and writer who up until a few years ago couldn’t cook more than oatmeal. Now, after several years of blogging and inspired transformation, I consider myself a decent baker, amateur knitter and small-time farmer. I can even cook up a decent dinner when my husband, The Brad, is out of town.” — Cordelia


Daisy Donut

“I would describe my blog as somewhere to write about sewing, knitting, cooking, Daisy (our Westie), and anything else that catches my eye or interests me.” — Jane


The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker

“The Sew*er, The Caker, The CopyCat Maker is a completely random filing cabinet of my crafty adventures over the years. I am in love with just about every avenue of creativity, but especially LOVE sewing, caking, photography, and woodcraft making! I get a lot of inspiration from things going on in life around me, but I am also a huge fan of viewer requests for ideas. I love a crafting challenge and am passionate about sharing the things I know with just about anyone who will listen! I basically eat, sleep and never stop with the crafting, so stop on by and share in the fun!” — Vanessa


Nurse Mommy Laughs

“Nurse Mommy Laughs is not just another mommy blog: This humorist, pediatric RN and parenting expert brings sleep-deprived authority to mothering from a kid’s health professional’s snarky perspective. Advice on latest children’s health topics and parenting, plus scads of sarcasm about raising kids in this crazy world, don’t cost nothin’ on this blog!” — Stacey



“ started out as an everyday blog to collect inspirations for decorating my new home then (back in 2009). But it grew to be the inspiration for me to design my living line (dreamesh living), run my wedding decorator (d for {handmade} decor), and teach my craft workshops (workshop in a box, along with my partner sewmanics). So these combinations are what you’ll see on my blog. :)” — Amesh

You probably already have a way of keeping up with your favorite blogs, whether you like to subscribe to RSS feeds, pin them on Pinterest, or keep it simple and use the bookmark button on your browser. For everything else you want to keep track of, try using cork board strips and pinning things the old-fashioned way!

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