Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week no. 88


Best of the Web: Style Blogs of the Week

It goes without saying, but let’s just put this out there anyway: Fashion should first and foremost be fun. Since it’s easy to play it safe while picking out your day-to-day outfits, we wanted to highlight a handful of blogs we love for being fearless when it comes to embracing bold, eye-catching, and playful looks. Just a few of our favorite pieces from these blogs include Charry’s peacock feather necklace, Sara’s printed strapless dress worn as a skirt, Meda’s silver sleeveless top, and Misses Dressy’s snakeskin clutches.

Isabella’s Fashion

“I would describe my blog as both a style diary and a style advice page. I mix outfit of the day posts with posts featuring the latest trends and advice from a 21-year-old fashion student.” — Sara


 Eye Candy

“My blog has a little of everything. It talks about fashion, beauty and lifestyle. The posts there mirror my life, from helping people to spending time with family and friends, doing makeup reviews and coming up with outfit ensembles.

I love taking pictures and I want my blog to be visually appealing to the readers. I’m fond of colors because that’s how I want to live my life – in technicolor.” — Charry


Ethnique Island

“After changing my blog’s name and doing a lot of face-lifting to my blog, I can finally say that I have been feeling reborn after my blog, Ethnique Island, has been established into what it is now. Behind Ethnique Island is a 21-year-old student who has been on the search for her identity and style. Blogging has helped me building up a certain confidence and given my personal style a boost.  As of today, Ethnique Island is run by a stubborn girl who likes to do things against everybody else’s wishes.

My outfits are mostly inspired by colours, prints and shapes. On Ethnique Island you will find a lot of the same garments worn in different styles, because I truly believe that nothing beats the idea of going wild with your own creativity instead of looking like the window shop of a clothing store. See it as my personal online style diary which I want people to be a part of!” — Meda


Misses Dressy

“The Misses Dressy blog is a complete fashion and style hub. Paying close attention to current trends and celebrity news, we are a trusted source for all things fashion. We seamlessly mix high-end evening wear, sold on our retail website, with the who, what, where and now of what’s happening in everyday street style. In short, Misses Dressy is a hybrid of sorts, featuring stories regarding new designers, what Jennifer Lawrence and Angelina Jolie were spotted wearing, how to dress for a variety of events, and even fun contests and videos. We’re a close-up, all-in-one go-to for the fashion-obsessed!” — Anita

If you’re feeling inspired to go bold with your own ensembles, try challenging yourself to swap out one basic piece for something more statement-making the next time you put an outfit together. Whether you decide to don a pair of Frye Deborah studded boots instead of your plain riding boots, or a neon pencil skirt instead of a basic black one, have fun shaking things up!

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