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I still remember the time I tried blond hair color. Though it looked great there were several issues which came up. There were mixed emotions with which I bid adieu to the lovely blond tresses.

Here are some of the reasons I decided not to keep my blond hair color-

  • The split ends were a problem which attacked me soon after getting my hair bleached. In fact my tresses got very frizzy after each wash which did not make me happy.
  • My lovely hair would get tremendously dry with even a little bit exposure to the sun. This led to a brassy and dull look.
  •  One of the worst instances was when I went swimming and the chlorine turned the hair a bit greenish. This made the hair look so bad that I had to get a constant re-coloring of my hair. In any case with the passage of time the hair was losing its sheen and color too.

However blond hair does not have to cause misery to you. If you can follow a hair care regimen for maintenance your hair color, you will definitely rock one.

After a long journey I finally made some progress to keep my blond hair fresh. When my hair had started to lose color, I found that a blonde hair mascara was very useful in doing the touch ups. When the new hair would grow there was a distinct difference in my hair color and the bleach thus the mascara was great to color the roots. Another product which I swore by was a blonde hair shampoo. It helped in moisturizing and keeps my hair in shape.

Despite the issues that came up earlier, I am biased towards blond hair and cannot see myself in any other hair color. With these hair products I am sure that I am going to rock blonde hair for a while.

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