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blue jade jewelry, rainbow moonstone jewelry

Jewelry is an essential in every girl’s wardrobe. It helps her look beautiful and enhances one’s entire attire. I am a big fanatic of collecting jewelry which is interesting and has a lot of character to it. My passions off late have been gemstones which have a lot of history to it along with looking gorgeous.

Did you know that the most popular color in jade is green? However the popularity also exists due to the variety of colors that exist in the stone.  Blue jade jewelry pieces are some the recent additions to my collection. While in ancient times jade was known to drive away evil spirits, it is one of the most cherished fashion accessories in these times. Some of the finest handcrafted jewelry is what I found in jade.

After researching I found out that Jade is also popular among the southwest, near Arizona and New Mexico, because it’s inspired from Native Americans. Even in the Asian regions it is embedded with deep historical and religious connections.

I laid my eyes on rainbow moonstone jewelry for the first time when my cousin wore it to a party. Ever since then I am obsessed with the beauty of this stone. The strange play of shining, insightful light from the stone creates its attractive and very beautiful look. The stone exudes an opalescent shine and has a nice blue polish that charms the eye of the beholder, when the stone is shifted in the light. Interestingly moonstones were known to be a stone for success and good luck. Romans felt that the stone was formed from moonlight. Exotic isn’t it?

Hardly any woman you would come across would be immune to an alluring jewelry store. So grab the opportunity to get some of the most exquisite jewelry to adorn yourself.

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