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My mom had the most beautiful and wrinkle free skin which makes her look youthful and fresh. She applied the best of creams on her face and neck as a result of which she looked stunning and her age was well hidden. But to my utter disappointment, she takes no care of her hands whatsoever. They were rough and dry. Anyone who were to see her hands would know her actual age. Moreover, the coarse hands looked rather unpleasant too. This is when I coaxed her to start using some products on her hands too.

Have you every come across the effective butter and hand cream? I can tell you with innate confidence that the softness it gets to your hands is unmatched. It maintains the moisture level and also prevents dry skin especially over knuckles and other areas. Did you know that you can choose the level of greasiness of the cream as per your personal preference?

While normal creams might be great alternatives too, a good butter cream has a definite edge. In fact these creams have a lot of nutrients too which get easily absorbed into the skin as well. The nourishing action helps the hands in ways more than one. There are tremendous health benefits too.

Another attractive option is the lavender lotion. It has one of the most essential and versatile oils. Moreover, it is both gentle and easy to use. You must know that lavender lotion has several stress relieving qualities as well. I simply love the divine smell that it has.

It has been over a year that she has actively been using these creams. She is so happy that her hands have become so much softer and delicate than before. Try it out and you will never have enough of your beautiful hands.

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