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Are you planning to get a pet bird? The first thing you must arrange is for a place for the bird to stay. A bird cage is the ideal option. In fact the plethora of options that are available in the market would help you get the ideal one for your bird.

I was rather surprised at the several aspects which I needed to go into while I was buying a bird cage for my parrot. Some of them included the following:

  • The length of the cage
  • The material of the cage
  • The spacing of the bars also differs as per the species of the bird
  • The width of the doors and the easy sliding trays for the cage was of utmost importance

Keeping these factors in my mind I explored the several types of bird cages which were on offering.

  • Breeding cages: if you have two birds that are attached to each other then this one is best bet for you. It is partitioned by a thin panel which can be removed to facilitate mating process.  Maybe if there are more than two birds, cage units would work well.
  • Dome top cages: This one I realized was an extremely spacious bird cage which allowed for tremendous freedom for birds to fly
  • Parrot perches: Large sized birds would enjoy this cage. Interestingly there were several materials like rope, concrete , wood among others which you can find in this type of bird cage
  • Flight bird cages: These cages are big enough for a bird to actually exercise freely and enjoy a full flight. Did you know it could work as a tremendous option for community bird breeds?

These bird cages were the most common ones which I came across. These elegant bird cages were tremendous to make a choice from. Some of the others which I explored included the likes of travel bird cages, single bird cages and play top bird cages.

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