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Exploring the vastness of space is one the most popular hobbies these days. Quite a few people have taken to astronomy as our curiosity for the unknown increases all the time. To explore the celestial bodies in space there are a few things which you would need.

There are several gadgets which will allow you to view celestial events and objects in the near future depending on how much you are willing to spend. One of the most basic things you could get would be high powered binoculars. There are many different types of binoculars available these days but the ones with cameras are what you should be looking at. Binoculars with digital camera will help capture whatever you see through it and is great for taking pictures of the moon or meteor showers. Pictures usually are stored on SD cards which can be transferred on to your computer via USB cables. The size of these binoculars isn’t that big and would fit into camera laptop bags without any problem.

If you are looking to step up your celestial viewing then you would require a telescope. The Orion Sirius 8 EQ-G telescope would be a great option. This telescope features a large 8 inch aperture and short focal length reflector which makes it great for celestial viewing. It also features an 8 inch parabolic mirror of 1000 focal length to give you bright and wide-field performance.

The telescope also features an ultra-stable Sirius EQ-G GoTo mount that has a computerized database of about 42,900 celestial objects to that you can explore. This telescope also features two internal stepper motors which can move the telescope at up to 3.4 degrees per second right to your target object of your choice so you can track it. To power this telescope you will require a 12-volt DC battery or an AC-to-DC adapter for use of 110-volt power.

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