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My husband and I just gifted our daughter Liz a dog Oliver for her 10th birthday. Her love for dogs is unimaginable. After getting the dog, I realized the amount of responsibilities that come along with it. We did want to keep our new furry friend well rather than saving some pennies on it.

Flea control is one of the biggest areas that cannot be ignored when it comes to pets. To do this well makes life with animals easy and fun, yet to do it wrong or incompletely can make your pet sick and make your life together miserable. I used carpet flea powder to keep the house bereft of the annoying fleas which worked out to be both convenient and effective. Did you know that it helps in tick protection along with flea protection?

The good news is that there are no toxic insecticides in the powder making it very user friendly when pets are around. All you need to do is leave it on the carpet for 24 hours and be rest assured that there is meticulous cleaning of the place.

Another important product that is worth recommending is dog shampoo for skin dander. While there are several pet owners who feel that it doesn’t work, one needs to understand that it is not a magic solution. I had the worst allergy when Oliver first came into the house each time I would give him a bath. I would have a sneezing fit.

An anti-dander formula might give distinct advantages when used while adopting a regular bathing and grooming regimen. It surely made a difference for me. This has resulted in a less stuffed-up and a ‘sneezy’ owner, and if done correctly, it will almost definitely lead to a happier, healthier pet. It has worked well for me. Why don’t you try it?

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