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collage frame, wall cube shelves

A wall is a lot of things. For some it is just a brick structure that divides their house into sections. But for me it is a part of my home. It is not a division but a section of my home that is interconnected to the other walls… just like the members. A wall is a symbol of protection that keeps away alien elements.

So, decorating a wall is not merely a functional aspect. It is something that I enjoy doing and here is what I love the best:

1. Collage frame

On the walls, I prefer to capture all the wonderful memories of your little one and showcase them with my own custom designed frame featuring names. It makes a warm accessory for the nursery, bedroom or toy room celebrating the love and affection that family members share.

Check out this ‘It’s Me’ personalized collage one-of-a-kind frame that can be custom cut-out with names and messages, encased within our elegant, black wood wall frame. All that you have to do is to collect your favorite photographs and feature it on the customized frames to seal the bond of love and memories forever.

2. Wall cube shelves

The wall is a great place to capture memories, but I do use it for functional purposes too. So, this wall-mounted enameled steel cube cabinet is perfect for storing those little nothings around the house. The flexible storage system has modular cubes, which you can use in different combinations to store your bathroom essential, flatware or almost anything else.

3. Paintings

For those who have an artistic bend of mind or like to add some sophistication to their homes can opt for some beautiful paintings on the wall. Of course, you can also frame the work of your little darlings and mount it… A treat that your grandchildren would surely enjoy seeing someday!

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