Easy ways to give your bathroom a mini makeover


corner medicine cabinet

When it comes to redecorating, one of our favorite places to start is the bathroom, since it’s just about the easiest room in any home to give a makeover. All it takes for a fresh new look is to make a few simple switches, such as replacing your bath mat, shower curtain, or bowl of potpourri. While these are no-brainer ways to decorate your bathroom, here are a couple more under-the-radar options you may not have considered trying:

 Switch out your bath towel wrap and towels

While you may not think of your bath towel wrap as decor, it makes sense to look at it that way. After all, while you might spend only a few minutes wearing your trusty wrap after your daily shower, it spends the majority of its time hanging in your bathroom. If you’re using a plain bath towel wrap in a solid color, try swapping it out for one with a fun pattern or print. While you’re at it, swap out the rest of your solid colored towels for a quick and easy style upgrade.

Install a corner medicine cabinet

Few bathrooms stray from the tried and true template of having a medicine cabinet above the sink. An easy way to add visual interest to your bathroom is by installing a medicine cabinet in an unexpected location: at a corner of your bathroom. If the thought of moving your sink and the work that comes with it is already giving you a headache, not to worry – you don’t even have to do any rearranging. You can install a corner medicine cabinet and add a three-tier corner shelving unit beneath it. You can go the practical route and use the corner shelves to keep bath products and small towels handy, or you can use it for decorative purposes and add small decor items such as pillar candles or potted flowers.

What are your favorite quick and easy ways to decorate a bathroom?

Written by Lizzy Jude

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