3 fantastic electronics for your lake trip


digital camera underwater, hummingbird 587ci

With temperatures still at an all time high I am sure quite a lot of you have headed out towards lakes to cool down a bit. Lake trips are loads of fun as you have plenty of things you can do. To make your trip even more exciting here are 3 electronic gadgets which you should carry.

One of the first things that you should carry along with you on a lake trip should be an underwater digital camera. This would be great as you could go diving and take quite a few fun photographs underwater. Among the underwater digital cameras the Speedo Waterproof digital camera is one of the best ones available.

There are quite digital camera underwater photographs which you would be able to take with this camera. The Speedo underwater camera comes with a 5 megapixel sensor which takes pretty good photographs. It features 8x digital zoom. The rubberized water proof body makes for an easy grip. This camera is water resistant up to 3 meters.

The next electronic gadget you could carry along with you on a lake trip would be a fish finder in case you plan on fishing. Among the fish finders the Hummingbird 587ci is one of the most powerful ones you will find. This Fishfinder has a bright color 4.5 inch display which displays data quite accurately.

The Dual Beam PLUS sonar with 2400 Watts PtP power output will ensure that you get a pretty good image of where the fish are. It also features a 50-channel internal GPS Chartplotting which can store up to 3000 points 50 routes, 50 tracks with 20000 points each. This includes the transducer which will fit into most sit on top ocean kayaks. This is a great gadget to have if you are planning on fishing.

The next electronic gadget you could carry would be a waterproof sound system. This would be great to place on a large float. Most of the large lake floats have place for you to place speakers. Among the water proof sound systems the Eco Terra Waterproof Speaker case would be a great option. This case consists of two speakers and a dock to put in your iPod/iPhone or android phone and play music out of it. The doc where your phone will be placed is waterproof and is well protected and is sealed so water doesn’t leak in. It is a great accessory to have to enjoy your time at the lake.

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