The importance of having multiple sets of sheets


duvet comforter covers king size, blue and yellow stripe comforter

Have a pet or a toddler at home? If you have both then you would need more than multiple sets of sheets around. Dirty paws on the bed or your little one practicing some artistic ventures with the color brush are common problems in my house. And after all the yelling and shouting, I realized to take the path of nirvana and recreation… Shop more!

So, with multiple bedding sets I don’t have to worry about falling short or using dirty sheets. And all that shopping sure rejuvenates my senses (pick them during sales).  It important to have multiple sets of bed sheets because, even if you don’t have pets or infants at home because:

  • It allows you to change up the look of your room to keep things interesting
  • Lets you keep your bedding fresh and clean without constantly having to do laundry
  • Makes it easier to change sheets depending on the season so you can have lighter sheets for heat waves and heavier/warmer sheets for cold-snaps

Opt for duvet comforter covers king size for your bedroom. If you are getting the right size, pick them in multiple colors to spruce things up. I love the luxury of this Manilo luxury seamless silk duvet covers, which I use for special occasions. But I still stock on at least 2-3 of them because the sheer touch of it is so soft!

And these are sure worth the investment because they really last long. Just pick them in different hues. Sometimes, I also use the cushions or pillow covers interchangeably to spruce things up and break the monotony.

Blue and yellow stripe comforter

When it comes to prints, I have all kinds of geometrical, floral and abstract shapes. But a blue and yellow stripe comforter is my favorite because of the freshness of colors. The vibrant combination livens up the room. Of course, here I would recommend experimenting with different prints and hues or you will surely get bored of the same patterns!

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