Eliminate ear infections with ear mite treatment


ear mite treatment, metacam 180ml for dogs

Dogs are prone to ear infections because they are constantly exposed to fleas, insects and dirt too. In dogs, hearing is the keenest of senses, along with smell. They use this for navigating and when their distinct anatomical parts get inflamed, irritated or even infected, it leads to ear infections, which can be rather traumatic for them.

Though ear infections are fairly common in dogs, knowing about their early symptoms can help prevent them. Some of these classic symptoms are-

  • Constant scratching of the ear
  • Rubbing the face or ear
  • Shaking head vigorously
  • Discharge from either or both ears
  • Swollen ears
  • Build up of wax
  • Tilting head in one direction
  • Thickening of the ear flap
  • Red skin around the ears
  • Loss of hair in the ear region

The key to preventing these infections is care, vigilance and looking out for these symptoms. Opt for ear mite treatment if your pet is scratching their ears. Remember that ear mites might be a cause of ear infection later on. The fast acting product helps to get rid of mites and thus prevent infections.

The product treats ear mites, bacterial infections and yeast infections and puts an end to ear mites and infections in less time. All of this is without a prescription. The result is that your pet is able to get rid of the painful presence of mites. Use as required, especially after your pet has been exposed to outdoor environments or other pets.

The metacam 180ml for dogs oral suspension is another beneficial treatment for ear infections. Metacam, also known as meloxicam, and is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication used to treat pain and inflammation in dogs. It helps in fever reduction and works by reducing hormones that cause pain and inflammation in your pet’s body.

So keep these products handy to help your pet get faster relief from ear infections.

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