What to put in a remodeled kitchen


faucet 12 inch reach, kitchen trash cans

Make a list of things you plan on doing when you’re getting your kitchen remodeled. Remodeling takes a lot of time and effort and you don’t want to forget anything important. Take a look at some essential things that you must make place for in the new kitchen:

Faucet 12 inch reach

Replace outdated kitchen faucets with 12” reach faucets. Fancy, state-of-the-art and extremely convenient faucets are available now to give your kitchen a new look. A Pegasus pull-out spray faucet is durable and comes with ½” inlets. It has a dual spray function and an integral vacuum breaker and has a brush nickel finish. It looks stylish with its lever handle.


Beautiful refrigerators with multiple door options to suit your convenience make life so much easier now in the kitchen. Make sure your remodeled kitchen can now accommodate the latest model in refrigerators like the stainless steel, Energy Star, French door bottom freezer model from GE. It has an adjustable temperature deli drawer and two humidity controlled drawers. It has multi-level slide and store system to instantly access frozen foods from three full extension baskets and is energy-efficient.

faucet 12 inch reachKitchen trash cans

Get rid of old-fashioned trash cans and go for the Nine Stars Gallon oval-shaped trash can that comes with infrared motion sensor. It requires batteries to operate and reduces contamination by doing away with the need to come in contact with the lid. It just opens with the wave of a hand or object.

Microwave oven

So many times it happens that we buy a gadget and then find we’re not able to accommodate it properly. That’s why it’s best to plan a proper place for things like a microwave oven while you’re remodeling your kitchen. You can get the maximum benefit out of your oven when you place it where it’s most convenient to use. A Panasonic digital control microwave oven with its various programs and 3 power levels, allows you to save on energy costs.

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