3 ways to consolidate your tech gadgets


flat wireless keyboard, robinson smartphone wallet

Technology has been improving our electronics over the past few years. Most electronic gadgets these days are becoming smaller and more efficient to make things convenient. They are much more streamlined these days and are designed for efficiency. If they can’t be streamlined you are bound to find gadgets that will help you consolidate them.

Keyboards and mice in the past used to be quite thick and chunky occupying quite a lot of space on your desk. They also featured cables which usually got tangled behind your desk creating a mess. These days you have flat wireless keyboards and wireless mice which make things much more neat and efficient. Wireless mice like the ones from Microsoft reduce the wire clutter and are well designed to save space. They aren’t as heavy and large as they used to be.

Wireless flat keyboards like the ones from Logitech are the best examples. The Logitech Ultra Flat keyboard is of the best keyboards around. This flat wireless keyboard has a compact design which will help you save space without sacrificing on quality. It also features backlit keys so you don’t have to keep guessing where the keys are when it is dark. This keyboard also has foldable legs so you can adjust the height of the keyboard according to your comfort level

Smartphones have also become a lot slimmer than what they used to be. The slimmest smart phone around in the Galaxy S3 is less than 9 mm in width. Thanks to their slim designs you can use accessories like a smart phone wallet. The Robinson smartphone wallet is something that will make your life a lot easier. This is basically a pouch for your phone along with place to keep your cards, cash and other accessories. These smartphone wallets are made from Italian leather giving it that premium finish. The Robinson smartphone wallet also comes with a wrist strap which makes it convenient for you to carry.

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