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ladies elegant wedding pants suit,  colorblock dress

Sometimes when you’re least expecting it, you strike gold. As I was cleaning out my closet the other day I found some great pants that I’d forgotten I’d bought. They still fit me beautifully and left me wondering why I’d never worn them before. It does occasionally help when you’re disorganized! Had I been efficient and cleaned out my closet, I would have probably thrown them away since I believe in “throwing out whatever you haven’t worn in more than a year”. Revisit your wardrobe for things that have great potential or can be worn differently to suit current trends:

Ladies elegant wedding pants suit

It still beats me as to why I haven’t worn the elegant wedding pant set that was lying in my closet. It’s made out of wrinkle-free, silk fabric and has a nice silhouette so luckily for me, it looks trendy even now. I can wear the pants with other tops too as it’s in a neutral shade.

Some well-thought out, elegant suits for ladies can never go outdated. Think long term and go for sets like Tres Elegant knit embellished tunic sets or three-piece jacket sets that have a classic appeal. They can be pulled out when needed from the darkest recesses of your wardrobe to look fresh and new when worn creatively as separates or accessorized well. Go for versatile, soft fabrics that are wrinkle-fee and retain their shape beautifully all day long. Pull-on pants with elastic waist have an advantage because they can accommodate a little more padding at the waist or sit easily on a slimmer waist too.

ladies elegant wedding pants suitColorblock dress

Pull out that brightly colored dress that you thought you’d never be able to wear again. Color blocking is trendy now and you can make a bold statement with a Colorblock shift dress. It’s all about combining bold, bright, neon colors creatively. You can mix brightly colored skirts with a lighter pastel top or mix and match same colors in different shades. Stick to one neon color and pair it with two other bright and contrasting colors and tie it all together with a black belt and black sandals.

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