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I was extremely stressed when my husband Michael started developing bald spots. I frantically searched for remedies that would prove helpful. One fine day, I came across two products on the basis of my friend’s recommendations and have never thanked him enough for introducing me to the same. We religiously applied it on Michael’s hair to see fabulous results. Let me share them with you.

Have you heard of fragrance free neoleaf treatment? There are so many people who run around undergoing expensive hair restoration techniques, but they should definitely try this natural remedy. It is an effective solution for those with fine, thinning and weak hair. Some of the advantages included the following:

  • There was maximum concentration for recovery of hair. The end result was thicker, fuller and more resilient hair
  • The result was visible within 6-8 weeks
  • The usage was so convenient since it was just needed to be applied and massaged on the scalp when dry

Another product that is a must try includes hair building fibers. These fibers are made of a protein called keratin and charged with static electricity. When they are applied, they blend and get attached to your hair which makes it look more voluminous.  It is suitable for all types of hair.

If you want the result to be instant, then you know that with these fibers you can get thick hair very soon. Get rid of the embarrassments of baldness right away! Are you fond of styling your hair with gels? Don’t worry, with these fibers you can style your hair like you always did.

It alarming but true that hair fall and balding severe problems across all age groups. However application of these two products can help one get rid of the problem very soon. There is no need to resort to expensive hair restoration techniques and break your pockets!

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