How to turn your bedroom into a summer time haven


gray comforters, bright duvet covers

During the warm and humid summer months, you just keep looking for accessories and furniture pieces that make you feel cooler. Solid colors like maroons, deep browns and dark blues are a strict no-no. These are rather restrictive and make you feel claustrophobic and overheated, because they absorb heat.

What you can do is opt for furnishing and bedding color schemes, which are summer appropriate and thus create a brighter and less oppressive environment. Here are a few options that you can check out:

1. Gray comforters

White is a summer time favorite, but often maintaining it can be a headache. Opt for colors like beige, cream or even gray, which are soothing to the eyes and versatile enough to be combined with different hues on the color wheel.

Gray comforters in cotton, with geometrical pleating, add the much needed texture and dimension, without being too over the top. Honestly, embroidered duvets don’t work for me during summers because all that thread work tends to weigh it down.

2. Duvet covers and cushions

You can also opt for some bright duvet covers and cushions for a brighter décor. Opt for multiple hues like pink, yellow, light green and blue. Let the colors spruce up that summery ambience for you, without taking too much time or effort. Duvet covers in lighter shades can be used for the darker duvets too.

Some other tips to convert your bedroom into a summer haven are:

  • Opt for white or beige colored curtains in light and flowy materials. They give you the much needed privacy but don’t stop that breeze from cooling down the bedroom.
  • Get rid of those thick rugs and store them in the attic. Opt for eco-friendly jute mats or lighter cotton ones that add to the décor and area easy to maintain too.

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