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white vessel sinks

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When it comes to sinks, the vessel sink is truly one of the most memorable and distinctive design you will come across. For those in the home décor world, vessel sinks are a design innovation that sticks with a lot of people for its out-of-the-box construction and appearance. For some the vessel sink is confusing and flamboyant, but for many home décor experts it is seen as stylish and modish. In the end, the vessel sink is surely a showstopper and can turn any bathroom into a work of art if used properly.

But what are they?

By definition, the vessel sink is a bowl shaped basin that rests on the bathroom top counter or vanity, installed above the top of the counter rather than the traditional under-mount type sink. There are even vessel sink cabinets specifically made to fit vessel sinks perfectly. In terms of materials, they can be made with a wide range of substances including stainless steel and marble, but the most popular styles are made of glass or ceramic.

What’s so cool about them?

First off, vessel sinks, like this white rectangular vessel sink, have a truly unique and distinct style. They are a great centerpiece for any bathroom and really make your bathroom feel modern and stylish. Also, they allow for greater flexibility in terms of installation because you do not have to carve or a big hole into your counter top. Since they are above the counter, they are easy to change out, and if you feel like changing up your bathrooms look in the future it will be much easier.

Installation designs

Now there are two types of vessel sink installations: the above counter installation and the recessed installation. Above counter installations are vessel sinks that sit completely about the counter, appearing like the bowl is simply resting on top of the surface. Recessed installations, in contrast are slightly dug in to the counter top, allowing the sink to sit in the counter top, giving it greater stability.

So take a step into the future of bathroom décor and see if a vessel sink fits your home’s look.


Written by Asher Briggs

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