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Do you have a dog? In that case you possibly know the several responsibilities that come along with it. Having a healthy dog is of utmost importance and each pet lover would know that the best.

When I first got my pet dog Bruno I did not realize the amount of prevention which was needed to keep him safe and strong. I live in an area which has tremendous amount of mosquitoes. I used to be rather hassled about Bruno catching the heartworm diseases until I found the heartgard green. It is a real beef chewable tablet which is a preventive treatment for dogs from heartworm disease.

After doing adequate research I realized the tremendous benefits which the heartgard green had. Let me share them with you:

  • It is very toothsome and chewable in nature
  • Bruno loves the beef flavor. Not to forget that it is very easy for me to administer it as well
  • It is most tasty heartworm tablet that one can lay their hands on
  • It is an effective medicine to control heartworms. Did you it can control roundworms and hookworms too?
  • All that one needs to do is give it to their dog once a month thus making it rather hassle free

Along with prevention, indulging in making your dog’s bones and teeth strong is also essential. Were you aware of the importance of calcium for dogs? There is tremendous importance in giving your dog a balanced diet which is rich in calcium. Interestingly it is rather important for the production of milk for newborn puppies, like in the case of humans. In fact the several other advantages of calcium for dogs include the following:

  • Plays an important role in blood coagulation, muscle contraction and nerve impulse transmission
  • Prevents eclamapsia

Be proactive with your dog and they are bound to be strong and fit!

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