How to extend the battery life of your HP laptop


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It is fair to say that the true portability of a laptop is as good as its battery’s charge life. The battery of your laptop usually has a useful life and after a certain period would have to be replaced. There are a few ways you can extend the useful life of your laptop battery.

Laptop batteries usually have about 400 to 500 lifecycles but then there are quite a few ways to increase this number. These ways should be practiced especially by those who have laptops which consume quite a bit of energy like the ones from HP.

  • One of the most common things to do would be to defragment your hard drive from time to time. This ensures your hard drive is quick and in turn consumes lesser energy from your laptop battery.
  • Battery calibration should be done once in a month. What this basically means it that you should drain out the charge of your laptop. While doing this you should ensure that your laptop doesn’t go into deep discharge. While discharging your battery you should allow it to discharge up on to the point when it automatically goes into hibernation mode and not beyond.
  • While using the laptop for long hours via plug points it would be great if you could detach your battery. This should be done if possible as the heat your laptop produces affects the battery. You should also store your laptop battery away from heat as it would decrease its life.
  • Adding more RAM does improve your battery life as reduces the load on your hard drive which consumes quite a bit of energy. This ensures that your battery consumes less power and in turn has a longer useful life.
  • Lastly using power saver modes on your laptop would go a long way in improving its charge life as well as your battery life.

These tips should be followed especially by those of you who happen to have powerful high energy consuming laptops like the HP laptop 7000 series. Extended HP batteries for your laptops are a good idea as they would give you a backup.

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