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I was ecstatic when my pediatrician told me I could take my son swimming. This was when I started thinking that cloth and disposable diapers would be a bad idea. After searching at various kids stores I realized that swim diapers was the solution that was made to take babies swimming. As I went through it, I found so many interesting qualities about them. Let me share them with you. 

  • Swim diapers are created such that they can easily be submerged into the water without absorbing a great deal of liquid. Do not forget, it does not give let any of the child’s waste to escape as well. I was extremely worried about that initially!
  • Did you know that there are two types of swim diapers that you can choose from namely cloth swim diapers and disposable swim diapers? While several parents prefer to dispose the swim diapers after using it once, there are many who prefer to wash it over and over again. The choice is totally yours.
  • Interestingly swim diapers are rather fashionable too. There is a whole range of patterns and designs which one can get. I purchased the Iplay swim diaper trunks with a boyish design, something which my son absolutely adores
  • Most of these diapers have a comfortable waterproof outer layer combined with a soft inner layer, providing the same comfort of cloth that your little one is accustomed to. It can be worn with or without a bathing suit too!

After I bought these diapers, I got to know that several pools emphasize on the compulsory use of them to prevent any kind of water contamination.

The wait to take your child to the pool until they are potty trained is over. Take your little one with you and have some fun at the beach or pool with these lovely inventions called swim diapers. Splash! Splash!

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