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glass table tops, leaf shaped rug

Whenever you’re out doing your day to day activities like work, or shopping or school, we always can’t wait to get home. But sometimes, there are those people that dread coming home because they have nothing nice to come home to. Well we’re here to show you a couple great pieces and some techniques that can help anyone decorate their home so it can be the place of tranquility that we all long for at the end of a day.

Find what relaxes you

It’s no secret that we all have different versions of what we find relaxing. For example, I think that a home is relaxing when it has that homey cottage feel to it. Something I can pop on a piece of calming music, lay back on a comfy couch and really not give a care in the world. Designing a room that maybe has a cool leaf shaped rug would be truly ideal. But it could be something totally different for anyone else. Once you find what you find truly relaxing then that’s when you can start thinking about decorating.

Small details

You don’t need to completely overhaul your entire house just to make it look better. All you may really need are a few pieces around the house that can transform any living space from drab to fab. Getting something like a bright orange picture frame or some bright pillows for your couch can add a lot of dimension to a room. If you want to go the painting approach, get a multi-purpose paint that has primer and the color built-in so you can save on paint costs. This can certainly update a home.


While you may not be able to always get a new piece of furniture, saving up and getting something in your style or house style can feel extremely gratifying. Even getting something like some glass table tops will add a huge punch of chic to your home. Top it off with a beautiful vase or accent piece and you’ll have an entirely new room to relax in.

Are you struggling for new decorating ideas? Ask for some advice in the comments below!

Written by Jessamine Casia

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