What to bring on your fishing trip


master 6000 fishing pole, camo stix fishing rods

Fishing is one of the best ways to have a nice relaxing weekend and it is one of the most fun recreational activities around. Before you head out fishing there are quite a few things you would require on your fishing trip.

One of the first things you would require for your fishing trip would be your fishing gear. This would be your fishing rod and tackles. Getting yourself a good fishing rod is essential if you plan on catching any fish. Choosing the right rod should be based on its power and rod action. The rod action here means the amount the rod bends when you’re casting or when have caught a fish.

An extra fast action rod bends just at the tip while a fast action bends in the last quarter of the rod. Fast action rods help you cast long distances as they put more force into your cast. Soft action rods have fewer tendencies to throw live bait from your hook. The lure weights and line sizes that a rod can handle indicate its power. As their power increases they can handle heavy lures and lines.

Master 6000 fishing pole and rods are made from graphite and usually do not handle heavy lures and lines. Camo stix fishing rods are graphite made but have a better combination of sensitivity, durability and light weight. What’s more they look quite cool as well. The Camo finish protects the graphite from UV radiation as well.

Once you’ve got a fishing rod it is time to get yourself a tackle box. In the tackle box you will need quite a few tools. Needlenose pliers are quite important as they help you remove hooks out of the fish. They usually have cutters that will cut lines and hooks if required. In addition to pliers you will need a knife and a file to keep your knife sharp. The file can be used to keep your hooks sharp as well. Apart from that you could carry things like sun screen, aspirin and a fire lighter in case you might need them.

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