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Microsoft is one of the leaders in providing software solutions to companies and individuals. They are very well known for providing us with the Windows 7 operating system as well as the Microsoft Office software. Let’s take a look at other Microsoft software’s which would be great for your home or business organization.

Microsoft Accounting Software

Quite some time back Microsoft released a good accounting software package along with MS office which was great for small businesses. They even released a trial version called Accounting Express which was a toned down version and was available free of charge. One of its biggest features was the integration with other Microsoft applications. This made it convenient for getting data of spread sheets on to the accounting software. It also featured data sharing capabilities with EBay as well as PayPal making perfect for small business owners. It has all the features required to for a business like creating purchase orders, tracking inventory, assessing finance charges, support for foreign currencies, manual payroll, and managing fixed assets.

Microsoft photo editing

Microsoft photo editor or now most commonly known as Microsoft picture manager is another part of Microsoft Office. The Microsoft photo editing software is a basic image editing and image management application. This application might not be as powerful as other photo editing software like Photoshop but it does have basic features which should be enough for home users. This software features editing/saving/renaming, fine-tuning of mid tones, highlights, and shadows, and red-eye removal. It is also quite user-friendly as well.

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is one of the most widely used database management tools available. Microsoft access is a very powerful and easy to use database management tool. It helps you create tables, forms, and reports. It also helps you connect table’s forms and reports using macros. The best feature of Microsoft Access would the fact that you can import and export data to different formats. With Microsoft Access you don’t require learn up SQL as the GUI takes care of it. There are also quite a few ready to use templates which you could use. Combine this with Microsoft’s cloud program in Office 365 and you will be able to access your data on any computer around the world with an internet connection.

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