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We all collect different things. Some of us collect vintage pottery, some of us love adding to our shell collection. And for some it is collecting unique American football and baseball memorabilia or Mint collectibles. For some it is nothing less than tradition, handed over from father to son. Let’s take a look at these bits of culture that have an all-American flavor:

NFL Pro Set cards

Children and adults love collecting football cards and you can sell and resell them to a collector. There are some great online deals for true football aficionados. When you own 1990 NFL Pro Set football cards of 36P, you actually own a piece of history. The box has multiple packets of player cards from the 1990 season. Pro Set was founded by Ludwell Denny who had a licensing agreement with NFL Properties that gave him permission to access their huge photo collection. This enabled him to produce and market NFL Pro Set cards that had more action and color than others.

1991 Pro Set Emmitt Smith Hidden Treasures

Add this Pro Set to your growing pile of collectibles. These are high grade Emmitt Smith Cards that come with a piece of authentic Emmitt Smith Game used jersey piece that he wore in a NFL Game. They’re an attractive gift for a true Emmitt fan. The unique Emmitt Smith card that is really sought after is the Insert card that comes with official and authentic GGum patent.

nfl pro set cardsFranklin Mint Dillinger

It first started with privately minted gold and silver commemorative medallions and coins. Franklin Mint then went on to make history with the Franklin Mint collectibles. They include historical figurines, spoon collection with the State Flowers pattern by Franklin Mint, pocket watches, baseball cards, tri-dimensional chess sets, Monopoly sets, 2010 Harley Davidson Electra Glide bike, die-cast car models, Franklin Mint miscellaneous dolls and heaps of other giftware. Come Christmas and Franklin Mint collectibles are a huge draw.

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