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organic clarifying shampoo, cotton organic towels

When I mention clarifying shampoo, you must be wondering ‘Isn’t that what all shampoos are supposed to do?’ Well that is partially true. A regular shampoo is different from a clarifying shampoo, which has been especially designed to deep cleanse the scalp and get rid of sediments, dirt, dandruff, etc. It also gets rid of styling products like mousse, gel, chlorine from the pool, mineral build ups, etc.

However, unlike organic clarifying shampoos, most mainstream ones make your hair and scalp dry, leading to damage and split ends. Also, it can lead to faster fading of hair color because it is formulated to get rid of most foreign agents on your scalp. The clarifying agents get rid of these long term build up, which eventually causes limpness and greasiness in the hair.

I suggest using an organic clarifying shampoo to deep cleanse your hair because-

  • It gets rid of all of the above residues and dirt, without damaging the hair shaft or scalp
  • The gentle cleaner helps revitalize hair texture
  • Doesn’t contain any harmful toxins or chemicals, which do more harm than good
  • Is great for the environment

Hair experts suggest that one should not use deep cleansing shampoos on a regular basis because of the long term damaging effects like dryness. But with clarifying shampoos made from organic ingredients like Curls or Aubrey green tea clarifying shampoos, you can use them more often. The result, you get shiny and gorgeous hair, which is bouncy and voluminous naturally!

As a tip, use cotton organic towels after you rinse off the wet hair. It will help to seal the hair cuticle and make the hair smooth. Also, because it is made from organic cotton and doesn’t contain any harsh dyes, you are not tormenting your hair with chemicals again! For the finale, touch up with a light organic serum to suit your hair type.

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