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Finally the world is making a healthier and greener switch towards organic products. And this includes clothing too. You might be thinking, what difference does it make? Well, I can assure you that once you wear organic tshirts or other similar garments, you would hate to touch your commercial or regular ones.

Let me cite you some reasons for this-

  • Organic garments like t-shirts, jeans, dresses, etc. are made from organically grown cotton. So, this means the soil on which it is grown, doesn’t contains layers of toxins, pesticides and chemicals. As a result, some part of the world is being given a chance to revitalize itself.
  • These garments are made using eco-friendly methods, which mean that environmental hazards are reduced and the world is a bit greener too.
  • The dyes used in these products are natural too i.e. vegetable or fruit based. So, it is a great option for those with sensitive or allergy prone skin.
  • Price and durability wise, these rank same with commercial alternatives, but have this ‘feel good’ factor associated.

Now, when I compare organic cotton clothing, to regular ones, there some rather unfortunate facts that come forward-

  • Cotton used in the mainstream production is grown using fertilizers, chemicals and pesticides that pollute the soil, water and environment.
  • The production and manufacturing process is often cruel to the environment and sometimes the animal life too.
  • The chemical based dyes results in allergies and skin problems, which is another put off.
  • The wastes from these factories and industries are constantly adding to the environmental wastes and are not biodegradable. Imagine the damage we are causing to all life kinds, including ours!

And finally, they might be durable and priced the same as organic, but don’t have anything to make you feel good about? So make the greener switch and opt for eco-friendly organic clothing!

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